JELD-WEN Custom Windows and Doors

Custom windows Newberry SC

JELD-WEN custom windows and doors offer beauty and functionality that lasts. They also provide energy efficiency and a range of custom shapes. These windows are a good choice for remodeled or older homes.

They help save homeowners money by reducing heating and cooling costs. They also prevent fading of carpets and furniture from sunlight.

Double hung windows

Double hung windows open vertically, tilting in and out for ventilation. They’re the most popular choice, especially for rooms on the second floor of homes. They can be customized with a variety of options, including keyed locks for added security.

They’re available in a wide range of styles and materials. Choose wood for a classic look that stands up to weather and bugs, or aluminum windows that are strong but lightweight. Composite windows are an alternative that looks and feels like wood, but is more durable and doesn’t rot.

Energy-efficient replacement windows help keep your home comfortable and lower your energy bills. Look for models with a low U-factor and high Visible Transmittance (VT) ratings. This will maximize energy savings while allowing ample natural light into your living spaces.

Casement windows

If you’re planning to upgrade your home with new windows, you need to choose the right style. Window replacement experts in Newberry will help you determine the best type for your home or business. They’ll also guide you through the window installation and repair process.

Double-hung windows have a fixed sash that moves vertically, making them a popular pick for homes. They’re more affordable than triple-pane windows and can help reduce energy costs.

Tilt and turn windows tilt inward from the top for ventilation, or swing in like a casement window to give your room an extra-large opening. They’re ideal for tighter spaces, such as bathrooms. They’re also considered very secure. Triple-pane windows are three times as thick as single-pane glass, which means they’re great at keeping heat and cold out and saving you money.

Sliding windows

A sliding window is a classic choice for homeowners and commercial establishments. They provide expansive views and ample natural light. They are easy to operate and come in a variety of colors. They can also be paired with other window types to create an attractive and functional space.

They offer a great deal of ventilation control and can be clad in aluminum or vinyl to prevent damage from harsh weather. They also provide a sturdy barrier and are energy efficient. They are also more affordable than other types of windows.

Choose a company that offers a lifetime warranty on their products. This guarantee adds value to the home and helps you make a sound investment. It is also beneficial to hire a company with certification from window manufacturers, which ensures that the product meets the highest quality standards.

Picture windows

In an era of environmental consciousness, energy efficiency is a major concern for many homeowners. Choosing windows with low-U-factors and high visible transmittance ratings can help reduce heating and cooling costs while enhancing interior comfort. Energy-efficient models also qualify for a federal tax credit, which can defray the cost of installation and lead to long-term savings on energy bills.

Custom windows come in a variety of colors, styles, finishes, grid patterns, and hardware options. They’re made to order and designed to complement your home’s architecture. They’re a good choice for Newberry SC residents who want to improve their home’s design and energy-efficiency.

Bay and bow windows protrude from a home’s wall, adding a cozy alcove for reading or relaxing. They add a distinctive architectural look to your home, and they’re ideal for Newberry SC homes with scenic views.

Awning windows

Awning windows hinge at the top and open outward from the bottom, bringing in light and air. They have a distinctive look and are often used above sinks or in bathrooms. They are operated by turning a crank and offer excellent weather protection.

Other window styles include bay and bow windows, which protrude from a wall and add a sense of depth and a panoramic view. Garden windows, found in kitchens, jut out and offer shelf space for plants that let in natural light.

Choosing the right replacement windows for your home or business can increase energy efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling bills. The type of windows you choose depends on your style, budget and needs. Fiberglass and vinyl windows are durable and affordable, while wood windows offer a classic look.