Patio Doors – Connect Your Living Spaces With the Outdoors

Patio doors Newberry SC

Patio doors enhance connections with outdoor living spaces and let in plenty of natural light. They come in swing and sliding options to accommodate any home style.

Swinging patio doors can feature muntins (grids) or be grid-free to create a simple look. They can also have a low threshold to make it easy to walk in and out.


Modern patio doors are crafted with energy efficiency in mind. They prevent heat from entering or escaping your home, which reduces the strain on your HVAC system during all weather conditions. They also improve your home’s visual appeal by letting in more natural daylight.

When choosing replacement doors, it’s important to consider the frame and glass type. Ideally, your patio door should have low U-factors and visible transmittance (VT), which will keep the inside of your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Composite fiberglass frames, such as Ultrex featured in Marvin doors, resist warping and swelling due to temperature variation, and provide superior insulation compared with vinyl. They also provide a richer appearance and are resistant to rotting and corrosion. If you prefer a more traditional style, choose authentic divided lite grid options, which separate panes of glass into distinct bars to create a divide look. They are an excellent choice for homes with a wood exterior, as they can be stained to match the existing architectural design.

Aesthetically pleasing

Patio doors are an aesthetically pleasing way to connect rooms in your house with the outdoors. Their slender profiles and large glass panes let sunshine stream into your living spaces, making them feel more spacious and brighter.

Patio door designs come in various styles, including sliding doors, French doors, and bi-fold doors. Sliding patio doors have panels that slide horizontally on tracks, which maximize space and offer a sleek look. French patio doors are hinged, providing a classic European look that enhances homes with traditional architecture. Bi-fold patio doors have panels that stack behind each other, creating a wide opening for easy access. They’re ideal for homes that prioritize open-concept living.

Another style option is wood screen doors, which allow for ventilation and have a natural look. However, they can become rotted or twist over time, resulting in gaps that let insects inside. A better alternative is a PVC vinyl patio door, which is weather resistant and has a welded main frame for durability.

Easy to install

Whether you’re building new or replacing dated doors, the right patio door installation company can help you create an easy transition between indoor and outdoor space. They can even modify existing openings to accommodate these doors. This is especially helpful for homeowners with low thresholds.

You can also choose from different design styles. Bi-fold patio doors feature multiple panels that fold in pairs for a spacious opening and unobstructed view. These doors are ideal for homes that emphasize open-concept living and outdoor spaces. Swinging patio doors, akin to French doors, operate on hinges and swing outward or inward for ventilation.

A durable choice, these doors resist warping and rot and hold up to changing weather conditions. Their multi-chambered welded frame and stout aluminum sill provides superior strength. Their tempered glass meets UL and SGCC safety glazing standards. They also offer a deluxe brass, multi-point locking system that is four times more secure than standard roll-form locks.


Patio doors are a big part of your home and you want them to be long-lasting. They should be able to endure hurricane winds, and they should also be aesthetically pleasing. This is why you should choose a reputable patio door company to install them.

They can also provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. They feature large glass panels to allow easy passage and to let in plenty of natural light. In addition, they can come with options like window grilles and Low-E glass.

The best patio doors are durable and have a high energy efficiency rating. They must be properly installed to ensure that they perform up to expectations, however. Poor installation can cause problems such as drafts and uneven framing. This can drive up energy costs. To avoid this, hire a reputable installer and read reviews of their services. If possible, find a company that provides a warranty on their products.