How to Choose the Best Window Replacement in Newberry SC

Best window replacement Newberry SC

Choosing the right window replacement can save you money on energy bills. It can also prevent issues like fogging between window panes and rotting frames that let moisture in.

A good window installer will offer an industry-leading warranty. For example, Universal Windows Direct covers products, parts and labor for life. This company has more than 20 years of experience and serves 27 states.


Vinyl windows are inexpensive, easy to install and offer a variety of color options. They also resist weather changes. However, they can develop gaps in the frames, which may cause water to enter the building. Fully welded corners and frames can help reduce this problem.

Energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows can save on power bills and protect your valuables from the sun’s damaging UV rays. They are also less expensive than wood windows and can add value to your home.


Wood windows are a classic choice for homeowners who want their home to look timeless. They provide a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and are easy to clean and maintain. Regular wiping is enough to keep them looking great.

They are also strong and energy efficient, saving you money on your energy bills. Moreover, they reduce the fading of your floors and furniture by filtering out harmful UV rays. They are also a good choice for people with allergies.


Jalousie windows are popular in tropical climates and make for an attractive alternative to awning or casement windows. But their overlapping slats don’t create an airtight seal, which means they let in hot summer air and cold winter air.

Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help preserve the functionality of these windows. Then, they can provide plenty of natural light and keep a home’s interior temperature steady. But if you’re looking for something more energy-efficient, consider double-hung windows.


Hopper windows are a great choice for basement rooms and garages to provide ventilation. However, they don’t open as wide as other types of windows. This makes them harder to escape through in a fire or dangerous situation.

Energy-efficient windows help you save on electricity bills and keep your home warmer in winter. They also reduce UV exposure, which protects your furniture and carpets from fading. A reputable company will offer a comprehensive warranty on its products and services.


Sliding windows open horizontally and are a great choice for wider window openings. They are also easy to operate and offer a wide view. Stanek sliding windows have double-sliding shoes and dual sliding rails to ensure they are durable, secure, and easy to use.

They also provide a good line of sight, and can be more affordable than double-hung windows. However, they may not be able to stand up to heavy winds. Double-hung windows cost more but offer better airflow.


Tilt-and-turn windows are European-style windows that look beautiful in a variety of homes. They can be tilted open at the top to let in a breeze or opened fully like a door. They are easy to clean and offer excellent ventilation benefits.

They are also great for homes with children, as they can be opened from the inside and reduce the risk of kids climbing out or jamming their fingers. They also come in larger sizes and are more energy-efficient than other window types.


If you have a hard time opening and closing your windows or have issues with moisture between window panes, it might be time to replace them. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Single-hung windows are an inexpensive option that requires little maintenance and a great choice for homeowners looking for a classic look. They also allow for airflow.

Double-hung windows are a bit more expensive and offer better airflow. However, their sashes can get stuck between the frame and can be difficult to open in windy conditions.


This window type opens outward with a crank mechanism and is an excellent choice for areas that are hard to reach. It allows for increased ventilation even during light rain without letting water seep into the home.

Look for Energy Star-qualified windows with a lower U-factor and higher visible transmittance (VT). This will help reduce your energy bills. It is also a good idea to select a company with experience in installing different types of windows. Also, ask for local references.