Custom Doors Make a Statement

Custom doors Newberry SC

The entry door to your home is a key element that speaks to the unique personality of its inhabitants. Let the experts at Newberry Window Replacement guide you in choosing a design that makes a statement.

General contractors serve as project managers for a remodeling or building project, handling all day-to-day tasks that keep the job moving toward completion. They also manage the hiring of other workers onsite to bring your vision to life.

Design Your Entry

The front door is a key aspect of your home’s appearance and provides a lasting impression for guests. It is important to choose a door that suits your style, while also ensuring durability and functionality. A professional Newberry Home Builder can help you make the best choice. They are trained in constructing high-quality homes and offer a variety of services, such as laying the foundation, supervising subcontractors and artisans, checking for zoning regulations and building codes, and completing a host of other duties.

Choose from a wide range of entry doors to complement your home’s unique style and reflect your personal preferences. Barn entry doors, for example, encapsulate Newberry’s rural spirit with wide panels and sturdy build. French entry doors, on the other hand, allow natural light to flood in and create a grand entrance. They are perfect for homeowners who want to make a statement with their entranceway.


Your front door might not be the first line of defense when it comes to home security, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a significant deterrent for undesired visitors. A well-built custom door could be the difference between a burglar breaking in or not. Often, the quality of a Newberry front door can even surpass that of your locks, which are generally the main point of defense.

Our team at Newberry Window Replacement can help you choose the best type of door for your Newberry home or business, based on its unique needs. We offer a wide range of materials, each with different benefits. For example, steel doors are more durable & can be built to fit most standard entrances. Modern entry doors are characterized by sleek lines, blending beauty with efficiency. French doors feature glass panels that allow natural light to enter, creating a spacious feel. Battened & ledged doors boast vertical wooden battens held by horizontal ledges, encapsulating a classic countryside charm.


Whether you prefer modern, traditional or rustic designs, local Newberry glass dealers can help you find custom doors to fit your personality and home style. They can even install other types of glass products such as custom shower doors and mirrors.

A good way to start your search is by determining the type of window you need. Single entry doors are a simple solution that fits standard entrances, while double doors create a grand entrance that’s ideal for larger spaces. French entry doors feature panes that stretch the full length of your entrance, allowing in plenty of natural light.

If you’re looking for energy efficiency, consider windows with low U-factors and high visible transmittance (VT) ratings. These windows can significantly reduce your energy bills while preserving the look and feel of your home. They may also qualify you for a federal tax credit. These energy-efficient windows can also prevent fading of carpets and furniture from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


All Stile and Rail doors are backed by limited lifetime warranties against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is non-transferable and does not cover any other costs including labor, installation, finishing or transportation. This warranty does not apply to doors shipped outside of the continental United States.

Wood and glass may have surface imperfections that do not affect strength, performance or durability. Natural occurrences such as color and texture variations and surface abrasions due to normal use or weathering are not considered defects.

All warranty claims must be reported within 30 days of any issue or problem appearing and before the product is installed, refinished or altered in any way. All claims must be submitted through the dealer where the original purchase was made. DbyD will at its option repair or replace the defective product or refund the original purchase price. This is the only remedy available under this warranty. Additional legal rights may vary from state to state.