Best Window Replacement Companies in Newberry SC

Investing in new windows can boost the value of your home. Aside from lowering your energy bills, you can enjoy improved comfort and increased daylight. Look for Energy Star-partner windows with low U-factors and high visible transmittance (VT) ratings to maximize energy savings.

Window contractors can help you choose the right type of window for your needs. These experts can also recommend other products that will enhance your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

Renewal by Andersen

Renewal by Andersen, also known as RbA, has been in business for 110 years and produces windows with an excellent level of durability, curb appeal, and energy efficiency. It specializes in replacement windows and offers exceptional customer service during the consultation, design, and installation process. It also provides great after-sale support if something goes wrong with the windows.

The company’s start-to-finish Signature Service allows homeowners to navigate the entire window replacement process with one company. They offer a wide selection of window options and financing programs, including zero upfront fees, deferred payments, low monthly costs, and credit lines up to $55,000.

Their products are made from Fibrex, which is a blend of wood and plastic that’s a bit more eco-friendly than vinyl. They also have a large selection of window styles, colors, and finishes. Some of the windows are shaped, which can add a unique flare to your home. In addition to the standard double-hung inserted windows, they have specialty windows, including bay and bow windows.

Window World

Window World offers replacement windows that are Energy Star-certified to help you reduce your energy bills. Their Energy Star models have low U-factors and high visible transmittance ratings, which provide greater insulation and allow more daylight into your home. These windows also qualify for a federal tax credit. Window World offers a variety of customization options for its replacement windows. These include color choices, grilles, and hardware. They also offer lifetime warranties on mechanical parts, glass, and installation.

Window World’s replacement windows are made of vinyl frames, which have a number of advantages over other window materials. They are affordable and easy to maintain. They are also durable and resist fading from sunlight. Their SolarZone insulated windows use a warm-edge spacer system and argon gas to improve energy efficiency.

The installation process is quick and efficient, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. The company will remove your old windows and replace them with new ones in a matter of weeks.

Universal Windows Direct

Universal Windows Direct has a long history of providing quality window replacement services. It offers a variety of options for your home and uses digital tools to help you visualize your project before it begins. It also offers competitive prices and a lifetime warranty.

The company has a wide range of financing options and accepts credit cards. Customers report that the company’s installers are knowledgeable and professional. They work efficiently and cleanly, and they are always willing to answer your questions.

The company also offers a number of different window styles, which are available in several materials. Moreover, the company’s window products are backed by an outstanding warranty. Additionally, the company has partnered with GreenSky to provide a variety of flexible financing options. This allows you to afford your new windows without having to worry about high-interest rates or financing fees. Their products are also Energy Star certified, so you can save money on your heating and cooling costs.


Window replacement is a project that can significantly boost the overall aesthetic and functionality of your home. Experts can install new windows that make your home more comfortable during extreme temperatures, reduce energy costs, and improve the security of your property. They can also help you qualify for a federal tax credit.

Look for Energy Star-partner windows with a low U-factor to maximize energy savings, and high VT ratings to allow for more natural light without sacrificing insulation. You can also choose models with glass coatings that reflect infrared radiation and absorb solar heat to keep your home cooler during the summer.

In addition to their superior energy efficiency, EcoWatch’s replacement windows feature fusion-welded frames and sashes that last longer and perform better than their mechanically fastened counterparts. This makes them ideal for York homeowners who want to minimize their energy consumption and help protect the environment. Their windows also come with a lifetime, non-prorated warranty.