Door Styles for Newberry SC

Anyone who’s ever traveled around South Carolina has probably passed the exit signs for Newberry without giving it much thought. But this quaint historic college town offers a unique blend of small-town southern charm and world-class entertainment.

Choose the right doors to suit your aesthetic preferences and match your home’s design. Invest in doors that are tough against the elements and easy on the eyes.

1. Solid Wood

Solid wood doors provide a timeless look that complements a wide array of architectural styles. They’re also a practical option, combining durability with energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Molded panel doors feature wooden panels that create depth and texture. They’re perfect for homeowners looking to add classic charm to their home.

Modern doors are sleek and streamlined, balancing contemporary trends with traditional design elements. They’re a great choice for Newberry homeowners who want to make a bold statement without sacrificing functionality.

Craftsman doors are a blend of yesterday’s rustic vibes and today’s modern design elements. They offer a harmonious balance and a warm, welcoming feel.

Battened and ledged doors feature vertical wooden battens held by horizontal ledges. They’re the perfect choice for Newberry homeowners seeking a classic countryside appeal.

3. Beadboard

A garden-variety millwork product for a century, beadboard still has many applications. Its enduring popularity may stem from its relative affordability and visual appeal. Known as wainscoting in some regions, it is commonly used to cover ceilings and walls. Its thin profile allows it to bend around corners easily and a cap molding may be added for a smooth transition to the next surface.

Modern beadboard accentuates a contemporary dining room with its linear pattern and subtle texture. It is paired with an elongated light fixture and a streamlined table. It also complements a clean, neutral color palette and natural wood flooring planks.

Adding a window replacement to your home can greatly enhance its curb appeal and functionality. A local home improvement professional can help you find energy-efficient models that reduce cooling costs and heating bills. Look for models that offer a low U-factor and high visible transmittance (VT).

4. Stained

If you’re looking to achieve a more natural look, stained wood doors are an ideal choice. Factory applied stain is typically more uniform than paint and can help you achieve a range of styles, from rustic to sophisticated. Pine (clear or knotty) is a common option for stain due to its versatility. It machines well and takes lighter stains, while knots provide visual interest and contribute to the unique character of your doors.

Stain also offers a more timeless look that can work well for projects where design trends might change over time. Paintable surfaces like MDF and MDO allow a wider range of color options, while premium adhesion ensures a high-quality paint finish. Depending on the durability needs of your project, you can combine painted and stained surfaces with performance options including radiation cores and STC-rated cores. You can also choose from impact edges and high-impact surface options to meet the requirements of schools, healthcare facilities and other high-traffic areas.