Front Entry Doors in Newberry SC

Front doors set the tone for your home’s entrance, making a statement that communicates your style and needs. They can be sleek, modern and minimalist or traditional and classic.

Energy-efficient front doors feature low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance (VT) ratings to better insulate your home, reducing energy costs. They may also qualify you for a tax credit.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows help you save on your energy costs in Newberry by reducing heat transfer and condensation. They also offer excellent insulation, keeping your home comfortable during the varying temperatures of winter and summer.

They come with a wide range of customization options and are durable enough to resist dents, scratches and other damages. They can be stained or painted to suit your aesthetic preferences. They can even be used with a keypad entry system that gives you remote access to your front door.

They are sleek and streamlined, showcasing current design trends. These doors are a great choice for homeowners who want to make a bold statement without compromising on durability or efficiency. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, including modern, craftsman and ranch-style doors. They can be paired with sidelights or a transom to create an inviting entrance. They are manufactured using ProVia’s signature ComforTech warm edge glass, offering superior energy-efficiency and insulating properties.

Glass Panels

Front doors play a major role in your home’s entrance, offering style and security. Whether they’re made from wood, fiberglass, or steel, our premium replacement doors provide the perfect match for any exterior color scheme and design style.

Choosing glass panels in your entry door offers many advantages, including natural light and privacy. They’re available in a variety of styles, and you can add grilles for a custom aesthetic. You can also opt for a transom or sidelight to add more light and style to your doorset.

Modern entry doors focus on current design trends, blending metal and glass for a chic facade. Large glass panels foster a connection between indoor and outdoor space, allowing natural sunlight to fill your foyer. They’re ideal for homeowners looking to make a statement and upgrade their homes with durability and energy efficiency. They’re also great for those who prefer a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. They’re easy to clean and customize, making them a great fit for any entryway.

Black Doors

Black front doors are surprisingly dramatic and bold, turning your home’s entry into a unique focal point. They work well with a variety of styles, from modern to traditional. If you opt for black front doors, it’s important to choose a matte or satin finish. A high gloss magnifies fingerprints and scuffs, making them more difficult to keep clean.

Modern entry doors are sleek and streamlined, the epitome of contemporary design trends. They’re perfect for Newberry homeowners who want to make a stylish statement that blends efficiency and beauty.

French entry doors feature glass panels that stretch for most of their length, allowing natural light to fill the space. They’re an elegant addition to any home, blending beauty with functionality. However, note that black paint and southern exposures don’t mix—it quickly absorbs UV rays and can cause the door to expand. Avoid this problem by choosing a color with at least a 55% LRV (Light Reflective Value) rating.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are a classic choice for homes. They offer the warmth of natural materials and can be customized with designs or stained in a variety of colors. They are also very strong and resistant to break-in attempts. They weigh more than fiberglass and steel doors and can withstand the force of a burglar’s kick or punch.

They do, however, require more maintenance than other types of doors. They need to be sanded and refinished regularly to protect against water damage. They are also vulnerable to termite exposure, which can cause significant damage.

Fiberglass-clad doors are a great alternative to wooden front doors. They form a sandwich, with two sheets of formed fiberglass covering a polyurethane foam core that prevents heat and cold transfer. They also don’t warp or swell from humidity. They are a better choice for homeowners who prioritize energy-efficiency and durability. They are also available in 20 and 60 minute fire rated options for multi-family homes.