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Door companies near me Newberry SC

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Energy-efficient windows lower your utility bills and make your home more comfortable. Look for models with low U-factors and high visible transmittance (VT) ratings to boost insulation performance and allow more natural light into living spaces.

Door Installation

Door installation services can help homeowners upgrade their home’s aesthetic and functionality. A professional can provide expert advice and recommendations to ensure the project goes smoothly. They can also offer tips to save money on materials.

Door replacement services can boost your property value and help you reduce your energy bills. They can offer a variety of styles and finishes, including high-performance features like Low-E glass, inward tilting double-hung windows, full screens, cladding materials, and more. They can also provide a factory-direct warranty for added peace of mind.

Once your contractor has received your order, they will contact you to schedule your installation day. The crew will wear booties and masks and put down tarps on the interior and exterior of your home. They will then remove the existing door and frame, making sure to keep everything clean. They may also need to remeasure the rough opening, especially if you’re adding sidelights or a double door.

Buying a new door is an expensive investment, but it can make your home more comfortable and attractive. It’s important to choose the right doors for your budget. If you can, purchase doors with a pre-hung frame to reduce the cost. Also, choose doors with a glass type that fits your lifestyle and home’s style.

Door Repair

Door companies offer a variety of services to repair doors. Small dents and scratches can be filled with wood filler putty for under $50, but major repairs should be left to professionals that understand the mechanics of different types of doors. For instance, solid steel doors are more prone to rust than aluminum ones and need to be repaired using more extensive methods.

Door frames can also become damaged with time and use. Cleaning crews often jam broomsticks or mop handles into the frame to prop open doors, which puts unnecessary stress on the hinge reinforcement weld points and can eventually break them.

Adding weatherstripping or caulking to a door frame can help to seal the area and prevent air or water leakage. This type of minor fix will generally cost homeowners between $100 and $250.

Serious damage to a door usually means it needs to be replaced, especially if the problem affects its ability to open and close properly or creates a draft. Having an experienced door company evaluate the situation can help homeowners decide between a repair or replacement service. For example, if the doorframe is warped or misaligned it can affect how well the door swings and may need to be rebuilt or replaced completely.

Door Replacement

Choosing the right doors for your home isn’t just an aesthetic decision. Exterior doors need to be strong against the elements, and interior doors need to blend with your aesthetic while offering appropriate functionality for each room. Luckily, door dealers and installers in Newberry SC can help you select and design doors that meet all of your needs.

Window installation companies in Newberry SC can help you choose windows that add beauty and value to your home, while also improving energy efficiency. Look for Energy Star-partner windows with low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance (VT) ratings to maximize energy savings. These windows are also eligible for a federal tax credit, helping to defray the cost of your investment.

Taylors Windows is an Energy Star partner in Greenville, offering a variety of window options for every need and budget. Their professional team will provide you with a free in-home design consultation to ensure that you are happy with your final selections. They offer a factory direct warranty that provides peace of mind. They have two showrooms and offer flexible weekend and evening hours.