Security at Newberry College

Entry doors Newberry SC

Campus Security works with members of the Newberry College community to preserve life, maintain human rights and protect property. Reporting a crime or incident on campus is easy with Security’s online anonymous reporting system.

Enhanced Entry Doors are the single most visible element of your home, and they add significant curb appeal. Replacement windows can also improve energy efficiency and lower utility costs by lowering your U-factor and VT rating.


You want to work with a company that can provide you with a reliable estimate of the costs associated with commercial entry door repair. This will help you know what to expect from the professional and ensure that you can make arrangements in advance. For example, you can plan to have employees available at the time that the contractor needs to enter your office to perform the repairs, and you can prepare for the possibility that the door will need to be shut down while the professional works on it.

You should also look into the options that are available for energy-efficient doors. These are designed to reduce heating and cooling costs by forming a tight seal and reducing heat transfer through the doors. You can find doors that are made from wood, steel or fiberglass and can be customized with glass insets to meet your aesthetic preferences. You can even choose doors that have a wood grain texture molded into them.


Our full-time Security Officers conduct foot and vehicle patrols of College properties and facilities; observe activities to detect irregularities; question intruders; monitor the operation of locks, safes, vaults and alarm systems for signs of tampering; and report on any criminal or suspicious activity. In addition to this, resident students are expected to secure their individual rooms and apartments at all times and not prop open exterior doors. All Security Officers will notify Campus Maintenance and/or the Residence Life Coordinators when a safety concern is observed.

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